Car Detailing in Colorado Springs

To most people, the word ‘mobile’ is an oxymoron. That’s why I like to use the term “car cleaning” instead of ‘Mobile Auto Detailing Colorado Springs service.’ If you really want to go mobile, then go to a car wash, wash down your car, vacuum the car, and do some basic oil change and tire cleaning before taking it out for a spin.

mobile auto detailing colorado springs

This can be a lot easier than dragging around a huge car out of the showroom and washing it all over again. Even though your service provider might offer to do the work for free or at a fraction of the cost, I still prefer to do it myself. It’s more rewarding, it’s more fun, and it’s way less time consuming.

The next step in your service itinerary is to clean your car thoroughly. One of the many reasons why it’s important to have a deep cleaning is that paint chips can become harmful fumes if left on the car for too long. Also, clean your car from top to bottom, engine to exhaust system, as a minimum.

Now that you have your car clean, it’s time to run a car wash. You can hire a mobile car wash company to do this for you, but I’ve found that doing it myself is much more satisfying. I also find that doing my own maintenance will cut down on my expenses.

I highly recommend that you bring your car to a wash after you’ve had it for at least an hour or so. However, it’s OK to wash it after it’s been in your garage for awhile. A car wash should be done about once a week depending on how dirty your car is. However, it’s fine to have a weekly wash, but not every week.

After the wash, let your car cool down. This is where a car wash can really help your car. A car wash helps clean your car because it eliminates water contamination. It also helps your car retains its original shine.

After the car has cooled down, you’re ready to add your wax to your hot car. Remember to add your wax mixture to the end of the hose so that you don’t spray the entire length of the hose. When you’re doing the wash, make sure that the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Your car will appreciate the extra heat and you won’t need to worry about overheating your car any more.

After the car has cooled down, I always apply a coating of the paint thinner to the interior of the car. This helps seal the finish and allows the car to maintain its shine for longer. Do a total wax job. I usually apply the wax to the entire car, but if I don’t need to wash the car for awhile, I’ll just do it to the doors and the entire exterior. Just remember to check your windows before you wash and dry the car.

If you are going to take your car out for a spin, I always remove the seat covers and some seats of the cars that are already cleaned. It helps if you rotate the seats to get the dust off and keeps them off the vehicle while they’re removed. If you use a bucket to remove the dust from the outside of the car, you might accidentally lift the carpet up and cause a scratch. Don’t remove the carpet completely though.

After you have completed the cleaning, you should apply a thin coat of soapy foam mops to the inside of the vehicle. A lot of people won’t put any mops on the outside of the car, but I find that it’s more beneficial to do the outside mopfirst and then do the inside mop.

After the paint has dried, spray on some more paint thinner and allow it to set for a few hours. You will now have a nice shiny, clean, new paint job. that’s perfect for whatever color you choose for your car.